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5thirty2 is a curated collection of elevated basics and statement attire & accessories for the woman who appreciates comfort, style, and exclusivity...for the fashionista who knows that being best dressed everyday isn't realistic, yet she wants to make a confident style statement, regardless. We do simple effectively, and bold effortlessly! 

5thirty2 is a convenient offering that helps you take the guesswork out of getting dressed; we provide style tips and ideas on how to wear our products. Our goal is to offer quality, timeless merchandise that you will cherish for a lifetime. 



5thirty2 is named after the childhood home of LaTanya Jones Moore, the visionary behind the brand. It was at 532 Country Club Drive, in a small Alabama town, that LaTanya discovered her love for style and fashion, both inherited from her mother who effortlessly coordinated her daily wardrobe; she still does! 

LaTanya has an extensive corporate background that includes previous positions in customer service leadership and sales. During the 2020 pandemic, she started her faith walk and decided to pursue her purpose full time. Always known for her sense of style, LaTanya truly believes that everyday is a runway, and every opportunity to get dressed is a chance to showcase your fashion persona. We hope that you will be inspired to confidently create your personal runway from our collections!